“eat fresh olive oil and drink only matured wine”

Every olive oil is unique, just like good wine. If you wish to distinguish the delicate differences between the olive oil of different types and from various regions, you can do the following test:

  • Before you start, cut some slices of bread into small pieces.
  • Pour enough of each type of oil into separate glass bowls.
  • Examine the difference in the color and look of each type of oil by placing each bowl in front of a white surface.
  • Cleanse your palate with water and by eating a plain piece of bread before each tasting.
  • Before tasting the oil, stir it around in the bowl let the aroma free.
  • Bring the bowl close to your nose and take a deep breath to catch the aroma. You will notice that this is different from oil to oil.
  • Dip a piece of bread into the oil and taste it.
  • Savor the taste and texture of the oil as it remains in the mouth.

After this, you may not become a true connoisseur, but you will be able to distinguish the differences between one oil quality and another, and maybe even impress your guests!