“The right olive oil for the professionals looking for high quality ingredients. An extra virgin olive oil, rich in aromas, chamomile and wild greens with a soft light flavor from our Melpia groves”

Our olive oil Melpia is a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil made with handpicked Koroneiki olives from the olive groves of the Melpia area in Messinia Greece. It is cold pressed and unfiltered.

The olives where gathered between mid November and mid December. They were cold pressed within eight hours from being collected as for the olive oil to keep all its natural flavors and nutritional values.

Melpia is an olive oil with really low acidity levels. It is rich in aromas of chamomile and greens and has a soft light flavor.

It is available in a metallic canisters of 3.0 litre, with a flow regulator which makes it particularly easy to use.

An olive oil which is produced with longstanding traditional methods and is already trusted by a number of professionals who are looking for an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

In brief:

  • Monovarietal – made with Koronieki olives full of aromas and very high content of polyphenols
  • Cold extracted (below 20 C) and unfiltered allowing the olive oil to keep all its its natural flavors and nutritional values.
  • Really low acidity levels
  • Hand picked – only first class olives make it to the olive mill
  • Olives pressed within 8 hours from being picked


“Melpia” used to be a small town of ancient Arcadia, today belongs to the prefecture of Messinia.
Located close to Lykosoura to Nomia mountains and Pausanias mentions it as ‘village’. In the small city there was a temple of Pan. The name comes from the nymph Melpia courses of Pana. Belonged to Andania, region of ancient Arcadia, along with Figalia and Alifeira.
The site of the ancient small city is not yet found, but a village named “Kato Melpia” exists in Messinia. It is a relatively mountainous area with a nice view. The olive trees are between 50-100 years of age. Although relatively colder, compared to our other groves, Melpia region has a rather stable climate and a soil reach in minerals.
As with the rest of our olive groves we use no chemical fertilizers and we follows the same strict standards and procedures for cultivation and production.