“from a unique grove, limited production, extra virgin, fine, soft and delicate with notes of freshly cut grass and chamomile… simply enjoy it.”

We are excited to present to you our olive oil Casteli. An extra virgin olive oil produced from olives picked and gathered by hand in mid-November, exclusively from the olive grove Casteli of Messinia, using all the knowledge of harvesting passed down from generation to generation.

The olives were pressed within four hours after being picked, to make sure that the olive oil will maintain its freshness and flavors.

Throughout the years our Casteli olive grove has been producing an exceptionally fine oil, soft, with delicate notes of freshly cut grass and chamomile. In addition, it’s acidity level has always been below 0.3%. A truly “ultra” extra virgin olive oil.

Casteli is cold extracted and unfiltered thus it keeps all its natural flavors and nutritional values.

It is available in a secure, transparent glass bottle of 500ml, with a flow limiter for easier use.

Enjoy it on your salads, cooked fresh vegetables, legumes, fish, barbecue or game or on some bread as a delicious and healthy snack.

In brief:

  • Single grove – trees of the same age, same soil, same quantity of water provide a really homogeneous olive oil
  • “Ultra” Extra Virgin – extremely low acidity, lower than 0.3% (the threshold for extra virgin is at 0.8%)
  • Cold extracted (below 20 C) and unfiltered allowing the olive oil to keep all its its natural flavors and nutritional values.
  • Monovarietal – made with Koronieki olives full of aromas and very high content of polyphenols
  • Hand picked – only first class olives make it to the olive mill
  • Olives pressed within 4 hours from being picked


Casteli is the name of a village that once was built on the slopes of the hill of Prophet Elias. The inhabitants were forced to move there about 150 years ago in order to build the current New Koroni, after a massive earthquake destroyed everything. There are some ruins that still lie in the area where the family olive groves of Casteli are located, over a ten-acre area. Among the ruins is a Byzantine church, built in 1100 AD, which was partially restored only to be endangered again by the repeated earthquake tremors in this region which is considered by experts to be particularly seismic. The olive grove is located on the hillside overlooking the Messinian gulf and is planted with relatively new olive trees aged 50-60 years of the Koroneiki variety. The farm does not use chemical fertilizers and follows the same standards and procedures for cultivation and production as the olive groves of Messinia. In addition, the prominent location of Casteli grove near the Messinian gulf is providing this extra touch of a sea breeze that defines the microclimate of the grove.