“extra virgin, rich in aromas, chamomile and wild greens with a soft light flavor from our Kutsomilia groves.”

Our olive oil Kutsomilia is an extra virgin olive oil made with handpicked olives from the olive groves of the KutsoKutsomilia area. As with our other series for the production we followed longstanding traditional methods, respect and care.

The olives were gathered between mid November and mid December and pressed within eight hours of collection to preserve all the freshness and aroma.

Acidity does not exceed 0.5%, making Kutsomilia one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the market. It is cold pressed and unfiltered. An olive oil with a soft light flavor, rich in aromas of chamomile and wild greens.

It is available in high-quality metallic canisters of 500ml and 1000ml, with a flow limiter, which makes it particularly easy to use.

We hope you enjoy it on your salads, boiled greens, legumes, with fish or barbeque, game, or just the good old way: dipping a piece of bread soaked in this wonderful oil.

In brief:

  • Extremely low acidity – lower than 0.5% (the threshold for extra virgin is at 0.8%)
  • Cold extracted (below 20 C) and unfiltered allowing the olive oil to keep all its its natural flavors and nutritional values.
  • Monovarietal – made with Koronieki olives full of aromas and very high content of polyphenols
  • Hand picked – only first class olives make it to the olive mill
  • Olives pressed within 8 hours from being picked

How to open open the bottle


The stories handed down from our grandparents tell the tale of an old village built at the foot of the hill which disappeared during an earthquake, at the beginning of the last century. At the top of the village there was a row of seven watermills which brought water to the village and valley. The area still has many of the springs, while the valley is transected by a river. This is where our Kutsomilia groves are located.