“Tradition, experience, commitment and passion combined to deliver a unique product”

For almost a century now, Eleones Messinias (“Olive Groves of Messinia”) have been distinguished for producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality which due to its limited quantity was restricted to private use only.

Messinias’ tradition to olive oil production goes back in the ages. It is in Messinia, at the Palace of Nestor at Pilos where “olive” appears first in writing on clay tablets inscribed with Linear B script which date back to the 13th century BC.

Our production is an indispensable element of our cultural heritage, and we nurtured it with excess love and centuries of accumulated knowhow.

In 2008 we decided to share our passion with the rest of the world, offering our premium home-made Extra Virgin Olive Oil via a very selective range of stores.

New Koroni is a small village with about 200 inhabitants, and is the birthplace of our fathers and grandparents. This is where we grew up and where we continue to cultivate olives and process olive in the same traditional ways. For us it was also quite natural to choose Koroni as headquarters. It is not a coincidence that the olive variety Koroneiki has taken its name from our village Koroni.

This small seaside village has been producing exceptional Extra Virgin olive oil and black raisins since its establishment about two centuries ago.

Messinia is famous for its olive oil. It is where small-scale farmers produce olive oil with love and respect.

The Eleones Messinias have been created on traditional values. We are committed in using local raw materials throughout our production supporting the social and economic life of the local community.

Our environmental awareness starts with our refusal to use conventional fertilizers, and extends to the use of recycled materials.

Combining the knowledge to be has been passed on from generation to generation with the latest quality-control standards we are able to bring this unique olive oil to your table.