“Organic extra virgin olive oil with low acidity, unique freshness and incredible aroma”

Our Rafail is an exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil. For this olive oil we have used only handpicked olives from specific groves on the west side of Koroni, an area called St. Rafail. All groves have received certifications for organic farming at least two years before being included in our Rafail series.

Every year olives for Rafail are collected between mid November and mid December.

As with our other olive oils, the olives were pressed within in eight hours from being picked. This ensures the unique freshness and incredible aroma.

Rafail is cold extracted and unfiltered. Through the years its acidity did not exceed 0.5%, making this olive oil one of the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the market.

Rafail is an olive oil that offers a gentle taste experience with a sweet aroma and light flavor.

This unique olive oil is available in high-quality canisters of 500ml and 1000ml with a flow limiter for easier use.

We hope you enjoy your salads, boiled greens, legumes, fish, barbeque, game sprinkled with, or by dipping a piece of bread in this wonderful oil.

In brief:

  • Extremely low acidity – lower than 0.5% (the threshold for extra virgin is at 0.8%)
  • Certified Organic since 2008
  • Cold extracted (below 20 C) and unfiltered allowing the olive oil to keep all its its natural flavors and nutritional values.
  • Monovarietal – made with Koronieki olives full of aromas and very high content of polyphenols
  • Hand picked – only first class olives make it to the olive mill
  • Olives pressed within 8 hours from being picked

How to open open the bottle


The region of St Rafail is located west of Koroni and is named after a new small chapel. The area is covered vastly by olive groves and is partially transected by a river. The climate is relatively humid, with abrupt shifts in temperature, especially during winter.