“Simply put: Eleones Messinias produce superior quality, extra virgin olive oil that only a handful of producers can offer “

In Eleones Messinias we produce and offer high quality, pure, extra virgin olive oil exclusively from the Koroneiki variety. The trees in our region are not irrigated, so the production of our oil is dependent on the weather, as the only water the olives get is from the rain and the ground water which flows through the region.

We have long-standing expertise in harvesting the fruit and know the most appropriate time to do so, and this combination of our location, harvesting procedure and timing make sure we have an excellent result.

The olives are hand picked carefully at the beginning of winter, just before having matured. Moreover, our limited production combined with the almost immediate pressing, within a maximum of 8 hours, all result in olive oil of excellent quality and characteristics, with a unique and wonderful fresh fruity flavors.

The olives are cold-pressed at our olive mill, with the first cold pressing done at the lowest possible temperatures, not exceeding 20 ° C. This process gives high-quality extra virgin olive oil with acidity levels not exceeding 0.5% (our Gourmet series does not exceed 0.3%), compared to the usual maximum degree of acidity for virgin olive oil of 0.8%.

The oil is then transferred in our own tanks to our company’s bottling premises until being naturally transferred in the traditional way from tank to bottle. Our equipment is closed, thus avoiding any exposure of our oil to light or air before bottling, which takes place under full quality control  standards established by Eleones Messinia and is an integral part of the production chain: from cultivation and harvesting to production and bottling.