“Our quality control goes beyond the certifications we have received from well established inspection bodies. It is in our nature.”

Our trees at Eleones Messinias grow and bear fruit without the use of chemicals. In 2008 we started the gradual certification our groves as “biological cultivations” through DIO, an independent certification organization for organic products.

In 2011, DIO certified our product Elaionas Potamia as organically cultivated.

This certification is an official recognition of our dedication to follow the traditional biological cultivation process used by our ancestors.

Our quality control starts with the cultivation of our trees and the picking of the olives. Our specialized olive pickers gather and sort the olives by hand. Then they are placed in sacs and sent to the local olive mill, which is certified for its cold pressing process and its production of exceptional biological Extra Virgin olive oil. Acidity is measured as the oil first appears and shortly afterwards the chemical analysis takes place. Then the olive oil is moved to our premises at New Koroni, where it is kept up to its bottling.

Our production process and hygiene procedures are certified by both State control mechanisms, and by the independent certification company TUV Austria Hellas.

The production process is also certified by the Institute for Food Safety Management Systems.

In addition to our own certification we make sure that our suppliers are also certified as for us to be able to offer the best possible product to our customers. For example, we source our metallic canisters from Silgan Metal Packaging who are certified with ISO 22000 from TuV Austria Hellas for applying a food safety management system in the design and production of tin plated cans.

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