“single grove, organic extra virgin olive oil, extremely low acidity, deep green color, smooth texture…do not be mistaken by the beautiful packaging… enjoy it.”

We are really proud of Potamia. An excellent organic olive oil produced from selected, handpicked olives, lovingly gathered exclusively from only one grove. The olives are gathered every year mid November and pressed within maximum four hours after being picked, which is one of the reasons our Potamia olive oil keeps all its freshness and flavors.

The extremely low acidity, which has through the years been lower than 0.3%, has brought our Potamia olive oil into the “informal” category of “ultra” extra virgin olive oil that only a few producers can achieve. In addition, already since 2008, our Potamia olive oil is being certified as a product of organic farming.

Potamia is cold extracted and unfiltered thus it keeps all its natural flavors and nutritional values.
It has a deep color, smooth texture and the complex aromas of fresh cut apple and olive leaves. The flavor is sweetly mature and spicy.

We suggest you enjoy it on salads, boiled greens, vegetables, fish, barbecue, game … or by just dipping a piece of fresh bread in it.

In brief:

  • Single grove – trees of the same age, same soil, same quantity of water provide a really homogeneous olive oil
  • “Ultra” Extra Virgin – extremely low acidity, lower than 0.3% (the threshold for extra virgin is at 0.8%)
  • Certified Organic since 2008
  • Cold extracted (below 20 C) and unfiltered allowing the olive oil to keep all its its natural flavors and nutritional values.
  • Monovarietal – made with Koronieki olives full of aromas and very high content of polyphenols
  • Hand picked – only first class olives make it to the olive mill
  • Olives pressed within 4 hours from being picked


This is a 12 acre family estate situated in Messinia, 14 km from Koroni. It is part of a small valley, where the grove is transected by a river without a name, thus the name Potamia or River after the river. The presence of natural sources of fresh potable water at the foot of the hill and the low depth of the centre of the river bed as well as the groundwater supply the trees in a natural way, creating the unique microclimate of the area. Potamia has mostly perennial trees. In 2008, the Olive Groves of Potamia joined the program for organic farming and was officially certified to produce organic extra virgin olive oil.