“we are confident that nothing can accompany better your cheese platters than a glass of white wine and our unique tapenades on on a thin slice of toasted bread”

Since we love olive tapenades ourselves we decided to create our own series of olive pates with a twist and share them with you.

We embarked on this journey together with Niki Mitarea, a well-known cooking enthusiast and established food journalist. The result is two really delicious pate based on the black Kalamata DOP olives which have been really thinly cut as to maintain the full texture and taste.

We flavored this unique tapenade with products of our region:

Rasins and almonds from Koroni, lemons from Troizina, oranges and honey from Sparta.

The result are two really unique olive tapenades with rich and unique taste

a) Black Olive Tapenade with Orange Peel and Parsley
b) Black Olive Tapenade with Lemon Peel, Roasted Almonds and Raisins.

We are sure that once you will try them you will be hooked.